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beyondMD Virtual Care

At beyondMD, we offer primary virtual care to patients suffering from viral and bacterial infections. Receive an expert diagnosis and prescription plan, all online!



Cold Sore

Sinus Infection

Upper Respiratory Infection

Urinary Tract Infection

Contrave Weight Loss


Pink Eye


Stomach Flu

Yeast Infection

Why Choose Virtual Primary Care Services?

Gone are the days of waiting for Doctor appointments.

It’s time we get a faster prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment.

Medical Assistance Made Accessible – Anytime, Anywhere!

BeyondMD pledges to make health care available when needed regardless of time and place.

How It Works

beyondMD is changing the landscape of primary care by offering our services entirely virtual!

New patients need only provide essential information to be virtually connected with a professionally trained medical doctor.

Our health professionals will assess your condition and provide the appropriate treatment, all online, done from the comfort of your own home! Prescriptions are mailed to your home address to make the process as convenient as possible!

Sign-Up - We’ve Made It Easy

Whether you are new to beyondMD or are a returning patient, the process has been streamlined for your convenience.

New Patients

Click ‘start your consultation’ and follow the prompts. You will need to provide some basic information that will be supplied to one of our virtual doctors. At this step, you can schedule a day and time to speak with a doctor, from the comfort of your own home!

Existing Patients

Log in using your account details and have access to easy prescription refills as well as your medical profile, making future consultations much easier!

Virtual Consultations - Phone and Video Call Options

Depending on the technology you have access to and/or your personal preferences, we offer both phone and video call options to our patients. Video calls are an excellent way to diagnose visible symptoms and add a more personal element to patient/doctor communication!


Dial-In For Your Consultation

When it’s time to meet with our virtual doctors, follow the directions provided by our scheduling agents. Simply dial in when your scheduled time arrives and a member of our team will connect you with one of our doctors!

No need to download complicated apps or remember dozens of passwords. At beyondMD, we make the process effortless!

The Future of Telemedicine (1)

No Waiting Rooms

At beyondMD, we won’t make you sit and wait in endless waiting rooms. When your appointment time arrives, our team will connect you with a virtual doctor. You never have to step foot in a waiting room, receiving diagnosis and treatment from the comfort of your home!


Your Doctor Reviews Your Questionnaire

Consultations typically begin by reviewing the questionnaire you filled out, describing your symptoms and notable health concerns. Your virtual doctor will clarify any outstanding questions and provide valuable insight towards treating or managing your condition.


Prescription Approval

By the end of your consultation, your doctor will provide a conclusive diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment protocol. If your treatment request is approved, beyondMD has a mail-order pharmacy that ships prescriptions to patients as needed!

We have also made it easier than ever to refill prescriptions as needed. Gone are the days of waiting in line at the pharmacy!


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